ZINO P JSC – Petrich has a rich nomenclature of machinery and equipment.

The company may carry out activities related to:

Instrumental production – design, construction, manufacture and repair of all types of tooling, dies, molds, injection molds for plastics, assembly and measuring devices.
Plastic production – serial production of parts from different types of plastics by injection molding.

The company operates as its own and with the tooling to the customer.
Manufacture of metal – standard and non-standard metal structures and products.


ZINO P JSC with its firm EMSI-M Ltd. carries and international road transport in the following destinations:

Bulgaria – Macedonia <> Macedonia – Bulgaria

Bulgaria – Greece <> Greece – Bulgaria

Bulgaria – Romania <> Romania-Bulgaria

Greece – Romania <> Romania – Greece

For more information about our transport services you can our website or call tel. +359 888 141155